Chesshost Auto blogger


Every academy or coach would wish that they could keep their website and social media pages updated.

But in reality, they hardly post 5-6 articles an annum. You know why? – Time .

But what if say that to post in all your social media pages and also in your website, all you need to do is send a simple email. Yes..

Introducing Chesshost – “MAIL-DROP” .

Here is how it works in reality.

Starting a blog with all you need to do is email. Blogging is now made easy!
Posting a blog to your website is now handy. Integrate your email with the website blog and Facebook.
Email ——–> Website Blogs ———> Facebook

Here is how to do:-












After you send an email it gets auto-posted to your website.















Connect 3 of them to make your job simpler and easier. Chesshost has come up with a solution to connect your website blogs with email.









Tell your students achievements to social media friends by auto-posting your blogs on Facebook.

What all you need to do?
All you need to do is to send an email. Would you believe? Yes, we’re not kidding. It’s true that you can publish blogs on your website by just writing an email. Step up now to make your website blogging easier. You’re done.

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