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FREE 1 year subscription with every Chesshost package

Working with Chesshost team is one of the best decisions of my life

I wanted a website to brand my academy and i worked with chesshost to build my academy website integrated with training system. With website, training platform and personalized branded videos provided by chesshost team, i was able to brand myself right and strike few school deals


Head coach s64chess, South Africa

Chesshost + Chesslang is killer !

A website from Chesshost and a training platform from Chesslang is all you need to get your chess academy setup up and running. Kudos to the team for making life of chess coaches so easier !.

P Karthikeyan

Grandmaster and Founder of chessaura, India

Custom website | Chess Blog | Academy payment | Booking & Appointments | Chess shop | Video lessons | Courses | Social Media Automation | Webinar and recording

Key Features of chesshost

What do you get as part of the website

A Chess blog

Start writing about your academy offerings and achievements.

Insert chess games and positions if you want to write an educational blog

Chess shop

Start selling digital or physical products. Digital products would include videos, ebooks or subscriptions.  Physical products include academy tshirt, chess board, coins, chess clock etc.

Academy payments

Issue invoice and collect payments from students. Create subscriptions and receive monthly recurring membership payments

Calendar & Appointments

Avoid back and forth communication with students for scheduling a class. Publish your calendar and let your students know when you are available for scheduling classes with you or your sub-ordinate coaches.

Record and create your own video lessons

We provide you a perfect infrastructure to create your video chess lessons and sell it for a subscription to your students. 

Social Media Automation

Write a blog and publish it automatically in all of your social media pages. Schedule posts to regularly communicate with your followers

Why us ?

Why should you build your website with Chesshost?

While you can build your website with any vendor, Chesshost brings in a unique combination of chess and technology expertise that will help you stay on top of your profession.

Deep chess expertise

It’s not going to be yet another information only website. We bring in our chess expertise and build a website that works wonders for your brand.

It's more than a website

With Payments, appointments, training, recorded lessons, your website will be the power horse of your business

Built-in chesslang integration

With chesslang integrated, you can train your students from your own website. visit to know more details.

Ongoing support

It’s never done and dusted. We work with you together to help grow your chess profession or academy through technology.

Few of our clients

Roving chess nuts

Lotus Chess Academy

Double the value with Chesshost + Chesslang

FREE Chesslang 1 year subscription with every Chesshost package


Easy Pricing Plans



Get your brand up and running
$ 810
  • Domain name of your choice
  • FREE Gold package ( 1year )
  • Custom design
  • English or Language of your choice
  • FREE Hosting
  • Automated daily backs
  • Chess blog
  • Pages of your choice. Default - About, Contact, Achievements, Interest form, FAQ


DO more with your chess academy
$ 1200
  • Domain name of your choice
  • FREE Platinum package ( 1 year )
  • Custom design
  • English or language of your choice
  • FREE Hosting
  • Automated daily backups
  • Chess blog
  • Pages of your choice. Default - About, Contact, Achievements, Interest form, FAQ​
  • Booking & Appointment
  • Academy payments
  • Chess Shop
  • Google Analytics


Your magic wand for business
$ 1700
  • Domain name of your choice
  • FREE Diamond ( 1 year )
  • Custom design
  • English or language(s) of your choice
  • FREE Hosting
  • Automated daily backups
  • Chess blog
  • Pages of your choice. Default - About, Contact, Achievements, Interest form, FAQ​
  • Booking & Appointment
  • Academy payments
  • Chess Shop
  • Google Analytics
  • Create your own Video chess lessons ( 1 GB )
  • Conduct webinars and record videos ( 1 GB )
  • Social Media Marketing Automation

1 year FREE subscription
$ 0
  • FREE Gold or Platinum or Diamond package based on chesshost subscription
  • Training platform in your own brand integrated with the website
  • Intra academy Game play. Students can play against each other ( You can play too as a coach)
  • Coach student online with live interactive board, audio and video
  • Store and share tournament games
  • Upload, store and share any PGN file
  • Share assignments and solve tactics
  • Play blindfold chess
  • Analyze games with engine
  • Practice positions with engine
  • Organize students into groups
  • Performance reports of students overtime

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequently asked questions and answers

Personalisation FAQ

Chesshost Features FAQ

Chesslang FAQ

Pricing & Support FAQ

Every website that we make is custom built and unique.

Yes. We build a custom website based on your color and style preferences. 

Yes. chesshost is a multi-lingual offering and we can build website in any language of your choice.

Yes. With simple drag & drop, you can easily customize your website.

Yes you can edit any content in the site. We will be sharing easy self help videos to help you edit the site.

Yes you can. Our websites are simple to use and we will be sharing guides on how to add new pages to your websites.

Basic plan user can move. However as we add advanced plugins to support video lessons and recordings, it works best in our servers. You can trust us as we follow best security and backup procedures.

Please chat with us. We will be more than happy to build it for you.

Features and all FAQs related to the features are in separate pages. Navigate to menubar and click on features to know more.

Some features allow few customizations while few other allow better branding. Please head to feature section for more details.

Yes if you feel that you need a mix of features from different plans, talk to us . We will be more than happy to help you.

Yes. As technology advances, we keep upgrading the features and also bring in new features. You can choose to upgrade your site anytime based on the feature that you wish to incorporate.

Chesslang is a product of Shortcastle, the parent company of 

Ever imagined your own chess platform with you own brand ? With Chesslang, you get a chess platform attached to your website. Playing within academy, Coaching online, sharing games, assignments, Tracking student performance etc are few of its key features.

Chesslang and Chesshost are separate products of shortcastle and its optional for you to subscribe for Chesslang. However Chesshost customers get a great packaged deal.

Yes Chesslang is pre-integrated with chesshost but the subscriptions are separate.

Chesshost and Chesslang is all you need for a perfect academy setup. From branding to training, we cover all your technology needs. Visit for more details.

lichess and are playing platforms while chesslang is a platform exclusively for chess academies and coaches with more feature set that is relevant to academy setting.

chesshost pricing is one time.

Yes you can upgrade to pro based on the pricing at the date of subscription

Yes if you want to mix and match feature set for a custom website, talk to us.

1 year support included for FREE. From year 2, $50 for Basic, $100 for pro and $250 for elite package will be charged. This includes hosting and domain charges.

Support includes any issues related to site downtime, speed or security. 

Includes help videso and documents for self-editing the website.

Extended support is offered if you want our help in continual updates of your websites.

Yes we do offer extended support.

 Enhance your site regularly or require help in regular updates of site data. Extended support is a custom package based on your needs.

Absolutely. We take daily backups to ensure your data is safe and secure. We adhere to all data protection laws to maintain at most confidentiality of your data.

Did we miss out to address your question in FAQ ?

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Update your website and train your students on the go. Responsive for every device.

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